Our team

We provide measurable results for your team and company.

Rafał Jarosz, The Unknown / Co-Founder


Customer care is quite fun,
if one does it right. We do!

Paweł Koc, the Unknown


The border between possible and impossible lays in human determination. We cooperate only with Superheroes!

Madga Furtak, the Unknown

Our Experts and Advisors

Our team is ready to support your Customers on your behalf.

Our values

Our Team believes in four basic values as Superheroes, known as...

TRUST - your teammates and build Trust with the Customers

HONESTY - with everyone you work with

OPENNESS - in everything you do

RESPECT - for others and trying to understand them

EVERYONE, ON EACH LEVEL, FOLLOWS THESE VALUES, and no decision is made without having them in mind.

Roles and Responsibilities


This is where you start. You learn, get to know the Team better, build relations with the Customers. After 2-3 months every Sidekick is evaluated by the Team and through Customer feedback against his or her efficiency and values we follow. With at least good results, you can make the next step.


Team members with full responsibility for their cooperation with Customers. Becoming a Hero gives you additional benefits, super powers and development opportunities.


Impossible missions, Heroes development, quality assurance, new projects implementation. They are guardians of the highest standards and always ready to help and support others. Patroling the city skies :)

The Unknowns

Mysterious team of those whose actions and decisions influence the direction where the business is going and take care of the whole working environment.

Hero TV

How to join us

To join us as a Sidekick everyone has to accomplish a simple mission:

01. First, let us know that you are interested - send us your achievement list.

02. The Unknowns and SuperHeroes evaluate your superpowers and contact you via phonebooth to verify your skills and discover your expectations.

03. If successful, you will be invited to an assessment session (1-2 hours usually), where a variety of assignments will be waiting for you. Done? Great! Within 2 days we will notify you about the results.

04. Finally, just one more individual one on one/two/three session with The Unknowns about the details of our cooperation.

Next step is a warm "Welcome on board" as a Sidekick!

The rest of the path is up to you, just as described above...

Send your resume to: